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Unmatched in taste with a pleasing aroma and flavour our range of Alphonso mangoes have been procured from our mango orchards. Each and every mango is handpicked by our workers. The best ones are then sorted out and then sent into the market. Alphonso mangoes are considered the best mangoes and have a unique as well as excellent taste. The unique taste and sizes of Alphanso mangoes have earned them a wide client base in the national as well ad international arena.


Ratnagiri Alphonso Mangoes are very rich in nutritional value. Mango is one of the most popular crops in the tropics, adapted to a wide range of soils and relatively easy to cultivate. It is universally considered as one of the finest fruits in the world, and is aptly called, "King of the Fruits". If there was a competition to decide the best fruit in the world for taste and aroma, the Alphonso mango would certainly be one of the front-runners. It is the "national fruit" of india where it accounts for 42% of fruits crop land. In a year, India harvests more than 12 million tons of mangoes. Its taste combines the delicious with the exotic, with a range of flavors. Mango is not only delicious, It is also full of nutritional value. It is high in beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A, and is a rich source of the vitamin B Their nutritive value is relatively high. One hundred grams of raw mango (edible portion) contains water (81.7 g), Food energy (66 calories), Protein(0.7 g), Fat(0.4 g), Carbohydrates(16 g).Mangoes are also relatively rich in other elements (calcium, phosphorous, iron, potash magnesium) and in vitamins, especially A and C. Although mango is grown in almost 111 countries, India is the largest producer in the world accounting for approximately 50% of the total world production.


1) The fruit is medium sized and about 250 gms.

2) It has an attractive blush towards stalk end.

3) The pulp is firm, fibreless with excellent orange colour.

4) It has good sugar acid blend and a pleasing flavour.

5) Its keeping quality is good for about 21(twenty one)days,and

6) It is best suitable for fruit processing activities i.e.for making into pulp,powder,leather and khawa.

7) Flowering starts in Nov-Dec with full bloom in Dec-January.Inflorescence is broadly pyramidial with yellowish in colour percentage of Hermaphodite flowers are 13%.

8) Shoulder of fruits are prominent with round back of fruit without beak.Fruits with attractive yellow colour with slight red blush.

9) T.S.S of the fruit is 19 to 21°B and acidity-0.34%.

10) Moderately resistant to stone weevil and comparatively susceptible to mango hoppers and powdery mildew.

11) Fruits is yellow, ovate-oblique, averaging 11 cm long by 7 cm broad.


Ascorbic mg/100 g
B-carotene μg / 100 g
11845(?) or 16.78 μg / 100g
Non Reducing Sugar
13.8 %
Reducing Sugar
3.79 %
Vitamin C
32.7 mg / 100 g