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Onions are an essential part of any kitchen, and the Overseas Trade House has the best in bulk – get yours today! The onion is an edible bulb. While it is a vegetable at heart, it also acts as a spice in as much as it can provide an aromatic undertone to various meat and vegetable dishes without being a major ingredient. Onion is a basic flavoring in the kitchen. It is used as a vegetable, or as a spice to bring out the flavor of other dishes without overpowering them. Onion is also widely used in soups, pickles and cooked vegetable dishes, sauces, hearty casseroles, and beans etc. The characteristic appearance is well known, but there are many variations of color, shape and size. The color varies from white to red to purple, the shape from spherical to almost conical, and the diameter at the largest point from 10 mm to 80mm or more.